Choice Club Review

October 31, 2014

The Choice Club programs for 2013-2014 have come to an end in both Gayaza High School and Mount of Olives College Kakiri (MOCK). As the school year ends, our members are now required to focus on final exams. Though sad to see the conclusion of a program they clearly loved, the girls were also excited to graduate with certificates of completion as Choice Club alumni.

The most popular topics handled in the year were on development of our bodies and minds, taking care of our bodies, and the rights of women and children. At the end of the class on women and children’s rights, the girls were tasked to design a campaign around an issue they are passionate about.

The Human Rights talk empowered the girls to focus with new energy on the issues affecting women in Uganda and in the world; issues that detract from the quality of a female’s life and the right of females to live with dignity. The Choice Club members from both schools echoed the importance of advocating rights for women and educating other peers about those rights.

The girls exhibited great zeal in their work. They presented posters, poems, and essays about the injustices that women face, about making education a priority for the girl child, about leadership, family relationships and abolishing human trafficking. They were also passionate about ending domestic violence and protecting women in the workplace from harassment and income inequalities. The girls were confident in their presentations, exhibiting a lot more self-esteem than when they first began the program.

During the upcoming long December holiday, several girls offered to volunteer with organizations such as Valvisions Foundation and other similar not-for-profit organizations which advocate for women’s rights. Some other girls discussed starting a Facebook page and/or fundraising group to support a major cause they are passionate about.

The feedback about the Choice Club from the girls was positive. They especially enjoyed the class that taught about female psychosocial development and were intrigued to learn about what is considered ‘normal’ physical, emotional and intellectual changes within their age group. They also claimed that they now feel better about being female, as the Choice Clubs helped them realize a woman has the choice to be all she wants to be.

The girls reported that they were glad to have had the chance to interact with older women who gave them ‘a lot of useful knowledge.’ The guest speakers, all female, included a gynecologist, a university professor, and a Human Rights activist.  The patron at MOCK echoed the girls’ sentiment and also asked that Valvisions Foundation bring in even more dynamic female speakers next year.

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