The Kenya Girls

October 18, 2015

This holiday season, get to know a little more about our Kenya girls; they have been in our lives for nearly four years now and we love them dearly. Cecilia is the tall girl who plays netball like a pro, Janet is always smiling and she loves to read a good novel, Irene is thoughtful, deeply religious and very focused on everything she does, she has excellent leadership qualities and she does a great job of watching over the other girls. Vemiah is inquisitive, mischievous, always has a big grin and loves to learn new skills like cooking and farming: she effortlessly milks the cow on the farm, and she makes very delicious food too. Vivian is vibrant and talkative, she loves her books and likes adventure, while Helidah is gentle, but she likes a good laugh and watching movies, she loves to farm and play football. Sandra takes a while to warm up to new people because she is shy, but start a conversation with her about the Pokot culture, and you will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge she has on Pokot traditions and norms. Alexine is smart as a whip, confident and extroverted; she loves to read anything and everything, like books and newspapers to catch up on the current affairs; she is very observant and is the first to notice little details.

The holiday house

Together, the girls have a warm, homely holiday house this Christmas. The house is based in Kinangop in central Kenya. It is a well-furnished house with amenities like water, electricity, a well secured compound, a farm with cows and sheep on it and lots of space for the girls to run around, they also have a vegetable garden which they tend with pride.

Vemiah the ‘cook’ invites you to lunch:

Enjoy with them the traditional but delicious Mukimo

Ingredients: Maize (corn), Peas, Potatoes (Irish)

Boil equal proportions of the maize, peas and potatoes until very tender. Then combine in a large dish, and mash with lots of butter and seasoning.

Serve piping hot alongside meat or chicken. Enjoy!

The Kenya Girls

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