January 15, 2016

Our girls are back in school after a well-deserved December holiday. They had a good time with their parents and siblings, and they are grateful for the time spent with their families.
They are now in their final year of school and very apprehensive as they wait to sit for their final examinations in November, which will mark the end of their secondary education.

Those that will pass their examinations will be heading to the university. Those that don’t make the mark, can attend local colleges.

The girls are happy; they have everything they need at school through the funding they receive from Valvisions Foundation. Their tuition fee is paid, they have all the school supplies they need, and they have adequate pocket money for their use until the term ends.

We keep a keen eye on the girls, visiting them at school as often as possible, following up with their teachers, and making sure they stay on top of their grades. We enlist the help of a tutor who helps those with challenges in various subjects. Valvisions does everything to ensure that the girls get as much help as possible because we believe that they are willing to take up the mantle of leadership and do something outstanding with their lives.



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