Kenya Midterm Break

February 14, 2016

At Valvisions Foundation, we inspire for our girls to be strong, smart and bold. We believe in providing our diverse girls with life changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges that girls face. We create an environment that empowers the girls to succeed. We build lasting relationships in the girls by helping create a sense of mutual respect and sisterhood. We provide the girls with a physically and emotionally safe environment. We provide hands-on programs that give the girls skills and knowledge to set goals, overcome obstacles, and improve academic performance.

These girls come from a culture that does not recognize the girl child; her place is in the kitchen, doing house chores while waiting for a suitor regardless of her age. Education is a vital tool to help traditional culture and religion abandon reasons for subjecting girls to the cut. “A home without daughters is like a spring without a source.”

We love our girls, and we do everything possible to ensure that they are happy and safe.


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