March 12, 2016

Valvisions founded the ‘Choice Club’ as a tool to open up discussion for girls in secondary school to help them cope with the daily challenges they experience as young females.  The Choice Club curriculum covers 10 topics that help the girls to learn who they are, discover their potential and the opportunities available to them, as well as how to handle the challenges they are bound to encounter as they become young adults. We provide them with knowledge of their basic human rights, introduce them to the dangers that harmful cultural practices like FGM can cause, and counsel them to seek help if and when they feel they are in danger. We teach the girls who to run to for help both in their communities and in the society-at-large.


Choice-Club-Members-2016This year, at the Karen C. Girls School, Valvisions’ Choice Club has a membership of 42 vibrant girls. The girls are social and very happy and eager to learn and to answer questions. The mentors of the Choice Club have learned that the current generation faces many difficult challenges and that their most coveted reward is ‘self-esteem.’ These young females have been raised in an era where they are in constant need of affirmation and praise. This generation is crying out for mentorship. They need people who can come down to their level and impact them through example as they journey towards higher excellence in life.  At the Choice Club, we believe that the difference between a leader and a mentor is that a leader may lead from a distance but a mentor can only influence when a close personal relationship has been developed. The facilitators of the Choice Club counsel the girls in such a way as to ensure that they feel accepted in society; we help the girls to reach their goals without having to compromise their security or wellbeing.


We teach a weekly class at Karen C. Girls School which is made up of girls from all walks of life. We have girls from Christian backgrounds, Muslims and other religions. We do not discriminate on religious grounds; every girl is equal and we have a sisterhood that endeavors to make each and every girl feel welcome and accepted regardless of their differences.  We believe every girl has a story to tell and that we need to hear that story.


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