Special Training for Valvisions Kenya Scholarship Students

March 12, 2016

Grace Wandia, Director of Valvisions’ Kenya Scholarship program, met with the organizers from Akili Dada, an organization whose mission is to introduce transformative leadership opportunities to young African females in order to meet the urgent need for more African women in leadership. Akili Dada is preparing a skills training program for the April holidays which our girls will be attending.

The program is very comprehensive and will introduce the girls to a broader life-view to help the students prepare for life after high school graduation. The students will visit centers that are producing beautiful products made from scrap metal as well as house decorations made from, for example, old rubber slippers amongst others items of interest. Women who use beads to make necklaces, bracelets, belts, baskets and other products will demonstrate their skills to the girls and share their experiences.

The girls will participate in the skills training program for one week. At the completion of the program, the girls will return to the holiday house to study for a two week period, then rest for one week before school opens for the second term.

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