July 6, 2016

Thinking about why we do the things we do, seems to be an important step in making the right choices. Even then, we only have broad guidelines which steadily seem to change as we grow and go.  It becomes more and more apparent ‘what a gift’ to have been taught significant values at an early age.

At Karen C Girls School, Valvisions has recently acquired a new set of 40 teen-age girls who will go through our Choice Club Program.  Because we engage in open communications with our members (about important and informative topics for teen-age girls) in an environment where the girls are free to express their inner feelings, Valvisions’ Choice Club has become a very popular club.  Our new members are keenly excited to be a ‘Choice Club Member’ for the next three months!

Our previous members have completed the ten topic format offered by the Choice Club and are waiting to graduate in December when the current group of 40 will have completed the course curriculum.  The two groups will attend the December Graduation Ceremony together.

During the Choice Club meetings, the girls are taught how to handle everyday issues that affect their day-to-day lives, such as peer pressure, how to manage relationships amongst themselves and with young males, the importance of staying focused in their studies, and other practical yet interesting and helpful issues.

The Choice Club meetings are held weekly at the Karen C. Girls School and monthly at the Shiners Girls High School.  We are very pleased that the Choice Club is having a  positive impact on our members and that the School Patrons are extremely happy that Valvisions  is providing an opportunity to help their students  make enlightened decisions for themselves through open and honest discussion.

The world is in a state of massive shift, the likes of which has not been seen or experienced before  in the long course of written history.  The world is changing at a rapid-fire, accelerated pace.  We are engaged with a group of youth that is vibrant and energetic, in-tune, curious, gifted beyond measure, intuitive beyond measure, perceptive beyond measure, creative, explorative and full of a dynamic potential to change and impact the world, as also, not experienced in the days of recorded history.

It is imperative that this generation and those coming after be guiding towards the invaluable importance of persistence in the pursuit of their dreams.  Technology opens the floodgates to so much information that grounding values are easily questioned if not lost to the forceful, mighty incoming flow of information.  ‘Giving up’ on an innate dream at what appears to be’ first failure’ is not an option because there is in reality, no matter how poorly the circumstances may look or feel, no such thing as failure at all  as  ‘all’ things are working together for good.  That’s the message from God that Valvisions  (via The Choice Club) tries our very best to deliver.  Romans 8:28.  That’s the message that is igniting the members of the Choice Club and the catalyst behind the Choice’s Clubs favor with our members and with those in authority at the schools.

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