Schools opened on the 31st of August

September 5, 2016

Schools opened on the 31st of August, and all of our girls went back to school except for one of the girls who lost her brother. She travelled to Pokot for the burial, and will resume back to school tomorrow. We have been in touch with her constantly trying to encourage her so she does not get overwhelmed over the loss or feel like she’s all alone. She’s a strong girl, and she’s trying her best to cope with the situation.

The rest of the girls are well, and they have settled nicely into school. This being their last term of school, as expected, there is a lot of anxiety towards the exams which will start on November 7th and continue through to the 25th of November.

The Ministry of Education cancelled mid-term break for this third term so that students can stay and maximize on the short time they have before the exams start. We will be allowed ‘a visiting day’ a week before the exams start which is meant to encourage the students before they sit for their exams.

We resume Choice Club meetings at Karen C School this week, then Shiner girls towards the end of the month. Schools close at the end of October for those not sitting for the exams, so we must ensure that we finish the curriculum in time while still providing  the girls with ‘quality time’. At Shiners, we will have two meetings next month to finish the curriculum. We plan to have a big graduation party in Nakuru for the Shiners’ girls in December (after the Form 4’s are done with their exams), and one, as well, in Nairobi for Karen C School.

We shopped for ‘back to school’ items and ensured that the girls have everything they need.

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