September 12, 2016

The girls are fine and settled in at school. Today was a public holiday in Kenya due to the Muslim holiday Eid; the girls were happy to have an extra day to rest while at school.

We had our first meeting for the new term last week on Thursday with Karen C Girls and we covered Lesson 4 TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY. We encouraged the girls to maintain good hygiene, so as to avoid having bad body odor and getting sick due to poor hygiene. In most boarding schools in Kenya, students dread taking a shower because the water is cold and especially now that we are experiencing a very cold season. In the mornings, the cold is worse. Some girls tend to avoid bathing because they fear the cold. We discussed ways to use deodorant safely, how many times they should shower, how often to shave (and the safest way to do that), how many times they should wash their hair while at school, and how to take care of their feet by keeping their toe nails short and wearing open shoes after classes so their feet can get fresh air. We also talked about the need to wash one’s hands before and after using the bathroom, and other topics that need regular attention like brushing of teeth, washing one’s face on a regular basis, (especially for those that have acne), and additionally, what products to use when one has her periods (challenges faced by many girls due to the lack of pads, and the use of the menstrual cup).

In general, it was a very interesting topic for discussion because girls like to look and feel good, so we discussed the different products which have been introduced into the market, most are good but some are harmful like the ones that bleach the skin. We came up with a daily routine that every girl must follow for proper hygiene, and they all enthusiastically, promised to follow it.

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