October Preparations

October 3, 2016

This month we are preparing for the graduation ceremony for both Shiners and Karen C School Choice Club members. All schools will close by the 28th of this month for classes other than the Form 4’s who will be left to sit for their final exams. They normally send the other students home to minimize noise and cases of leakage of exam information to those that will be finishing school.

We will finish the two lessons pending at Shiners School on the same day the girls will be graduating.  The school will give me a whole day for the activity. We plan on showing them a documentary on girls from different countries based on FGM, early marriages and teenage pregnancies. We plan to be at Shiners School on the 22nd for this activity.

At the Karen C School, we want to graduate them on the 15th of this month with the same activities as well as the documentary.

The 7 girls in our program will start their exams next month around the 7th and they should all be finished by the end of November. By the first week of December they should all be back at the Holiday House where we will hold a Graduation and Thanksgiving ceremony.  After that, they will all go home as we plan on what to do for next year.

All the Choice Club activities will end this month. We intend to teach a different curriculum next year.

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