Curriculum Done

October 17, 2016

We finished the curriculum with the Karen C Secondary students last Thursday on the 13th and so decided to graduate the girls this past Sunday on the 16th.


The school allowed us to take the students out of school accompanied by the school clubs’ patron.

We hired a restaurant to prepare a simple meal for the girls, and we also used the restaurant grounds for the photo sessions. The girls got to play and dance to the music that the DJ we hired was playing.


We invited 2 guest speakers who spoke at length to the girls. One of the speakers was a lady who happens to be the current Secretary General of the Jubilee Party. The Jubilee Party is the ticket President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, will be using to seek re-election next year. She has a very powerful post, and we thought it would be good for a powerful woman like her to speak to the girls and show them that women empowerment is extremely important. She is also a lawyer by profession, and she talked to the girls about the need for them to choose their careers wisely and work towards achieving good marks at school, so as to attain their dreams.

The second guest was a church youth minister. He normally gives talks to students on the need for them to have moral values that will help them in life, to focus on God so that He can give them direction and the moral ethics they need. He gives talks from a Christian point of view, asking the girls to use their God given gifts to better their lives, to be careful with what is being dished out to them especially by the media. The current generation is heavily influenced by what they watch on television and the material being shown is often very harmful to them. Alcohol abuse and sex are portrayed as being cool yet the results are usually very dangerous to the youth. Addiction and moral decay has greatly affected the youth of today. The speaker cautioned the girls to be very alert not to get swallowed up by these vices.

We finished the function by issuing the graduation certificates, cutting of the cake, and taking farewell photos. By 5.45pm all the students had returned to school.

This week we will prepare for the graduation ceremony for Shiners girls which will be on the 22nd of this month.





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