Graduation Ceremony for Shiners Girls School

October 24, 2016

We held the graduation ceremony for Shiners Girls School on the 22nd of this month. Unlike Karen C School, we were not able to get the Choice Club members out of school because they had already started their end of the year exams, and the school did not want outside influence that might interfere with the girl’s exams.

We held the function at school where we started with a recap of everything we have learned throughout the 10 lessons. The girls had ample time to ask all the questions they needed to ask, especially as pertained to the lesson on FGM. We presented the chart that explains what FGM does to a woman’s anatomy, and we were able to exhaust the subject with the help of a pharmacist and medic who had accompanied me on the trip.

We talked to the current group of Form Four girls who are in our Choice Club and who are sitting their final exam from the 7th of November. We encouraged the girls to dream big and work hard at achieving those dreams as ultimately, they do have a choice in that matter. They were taught that ‘’dreams are visual manifestations of seeds of destiny’ planted in the spirit and soul of each human being by God, the Creator of All.

Though we were did not leave the school grounds for the graduation ceremony, we were still able to have a nice farewell party with take-out food and lots of snacks, cake and ice cream. We had a DJ play music for the girls, and we had dancing competitions which the girls enjoyed a lot!  There were monitory awards for those that won the competitions. The support from the school, as usual, was great.

The Deputy Head Teacher, School Matron, and the School Principal gave us with a lot of support during the ceremony.

The girls are all fine. We had time to chat with them after the ceremony along with the Choice Club members. We took them the school supplies they required and had lunch with them at school. Schools are closing at the end of this week on the 28th so that the Form 4’s can be left in school to prepare and sit their final exams. Normally, parents of the candidates would be allowed to go to school and have a prayer day with the students, but the Ministry of Education cancelled the event because it causes a lot of excitement and anxiety in the school. Those students whose parents are not able to attend get affected emotionally which naturally impacts their focus.

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