Examinations are still on-going.

November 14, 2016

Examinations are still on-going, and though we have not been able to talk to the girls, we talked to the Deputy Head teacher. She said they are all doing well, and all are calm as they sit their papers.

We have had sad incidences where so far 3 students from other schools have died while sitting for their exams. One collapsed while waiting to write his exam and died on the way to the hospital. Apparently, his blood pressure dropped suddenly, and it was too late to do anything to turn his dire health condition around. This caused a lot of panic and anxiety for the parents who have children sitting through the exams. The schools, therefore, keep the media and other people away from the candidates until they finish their papers. We are very grateful that our girls are all well, and there have not been any incidences of sicknesses or any other issues.

Next week the girls will finish their exams, and they will all come to the Holiday House. We are looking forward to seeing them and getting to hear how the exams went; we are sure they will have a lot to tell us!  Meanwhile, we are wishing them the very best as they sit through the remaining papers.

This week we will do an assessment of the Holiday House. We will oversee all the repairs that we need to make and items we need to replace before we hand the house back over to the landlord at the end of December. There is no major damage as the girls and the Matron have done a good job keeping the house neat and tidy. The most we will be required to do is paint the house and replace a few pieces of cutlery that either got broken or spoilt over time- just normal wear and tear that is expected in a house occupied by many people over time. It should not cost us much considering we have a deposit we placed down on the house when it was initially rented. We will take a painter with us, so he can give an estimate of the cost of paint and labor to be incurred.

This week we plan to visit the schools that we intend to teach in next year in Nairobi; the following week, we will visit the schools out- of- town.

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