November 28, 2016

Three of the girls are at the Holiday House. They have finally finished with their exams and are happy to be home and done with Secondary School. This is a great milestone in their lives and we join them in celebrating this great achievement. We are very proud of them.

The other four girls will finish their papers on Wednesday, and they will then join the Matron and the rest of the girls at the Holiday House.

I will go back to the Holiday House Wednesday evening to receive the remainder of the girls and spend the night with them so we can all talk; I’m sure they will have a lot to share!

In the next days, we will clean up the house and make sure the girls have each packed all their personal belongings.  We will take an inventory of all the bedding and other items they have been using in the house before they can get ready to go home.

By the 12th of December, we should be finished with everything; the girls will be back home then, and the Holiday House closed.

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