College Preparation

February 6, 2017

I talked to the girls this week again; they are all trying to get into college with the help of their family and relatives. It is quite pleasant to know that the families appreciate the efforts that Valvisions Foundation has put into all these girls, and they are trying to get them into college as opposed to trying to marry them off, which would otherwise be the case. The girls are also empowered, and they understand the need to pursue a college education so that they can better their chances of getting jobs.

We encouraged those that do not have the funds to attend college to make good use of their time and to keep busy so they don’t get distracted by the wrong things. We asked them to help in their communities by becoming peer educators to the other girls in their villages and encourage them to stay in school and not allow anyone to cut them or marry them off. They are admired in the village because they finished their Secondary Education, and they can use this to be good examples in the community by helping others. One of the girls reported she is helping in a local primary school. She is giving back to the community in that way which is the spirit we instilled in them at Valvisions. The rest can also help in some small way. We have encouraged them to look around in their communities to see how they can be of help, and to let us know the outcome.

We agreed to meet in Nakuru on the 19th of this month.

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