Danger in Kenya

February 20, 2017

We made arrangements for the monthly meetings with the girls this past weekend.

We sent them fare to Nakuru, and we left on Saturday morning, 18th of February, with the hired car and driver. Halfway there, we received a phone call to inform us that there were attacks in Pokot, and the girls were unable to leave the area for fear of being caught up in the melee.

These are our views:

• Pokot has become increasingly volatile especially now that the elections are coming up in a few months.
• There has been a lot of killings, some political and others inter-tribal based, therefore, making it difficult to determine safety in the area from day to day.
• It is proving hard to get the girls to come to Nakuru or for us to travel to Pokot at this time due to the insecurity in the area.

We will monitor the situation and arrange for another meeting as soon as things clear up.

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