Kenya Political Unrest

February 27, 2017

The security situation in Pokot continues to be of great concern. The government is trying everything possible to bring peace to the area, but that is proving very hard because of the feuding parties. Politics is also playing a big part in the chaos.

The drought continues to dole out hardship, and though the Red Cross sent relief food, the trucks that were ferrying the food were waylaid by the communities that are fighting the Pokot. The food was looted, and the trucks returned back empty. We all pray for a solution soon.

The girls are still in their villages. We have talked to all of them over the week and though they are terrified of the fighting and drought, they are all fine and keeping hope alive that all will be well. They appreciate the prayers you sent their way, and they ask that you continue to pray for calm to be restored in their homes.

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