Security Concerns in Kenya

March 6, 2017

The girls are well and still in their villages. Security is still of great concern, and they cannot move around. A few trucks have been able to reach some of the villages to give relief supplies, but the girls homes have not been reached yet. They say they have resorted to slaughtering their weak animals instead of watching them die of drought; at least they have something they can eat.

The relief supplies we managed to put together were sent to Baringo though they did not get to the girls’ village. The challenge we would have with monetary contributions is that we can’t be sure it will reach the girls. As for now, relief efforts are concentrating on feeding children and the aged that have been put in a shelter for ease of allocation.

The road that leads to the girls’ village has been cut off, according to one of the girls we spoke to today. She says they are buying food at exorbitant prices, and they are all praying for peace.

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