Rain arrives in Pokot, Kenya

April 24, 2017

It rained in Pokot! Finally, after more than 8 months without rain, the girls now have water for themselves and their animals. The girls called us very excited about the news. They said they all ran outside, and danced in the rain; it was such a blessing to have the rain again.

We speak to the girls on a regular basis. Due to the difficulties in network communication, we have made one girl our point of contact. We call her, and she is able to give us an update on all of them.

When the girls visited us, we could see the sadness in their eyes. They all looked helpless and in despair, clearly worried about their future. They all want to go to college but their parents cannot afford the expense. The drought has affected them significantly. They have mostly been surviving on one meal per day, when they are lucky, maybe two. They say the four years they were under the care of Valvisions Foundation, was the best care they have ever known. They did not lack for anything, and are now seeing how fortunate they were. They feel like they have become a burden to their parents, because they can’t help them despite the fact that they completed their basic schooling, which is why their desire is to go to college, and hopefully, get jobs, so they can help at home.

We have provided all the girls with phones. We send them airtime regularly, and they know that they can call us any time. When they don’t have airtime, they flash us, and we call them back.

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