Visiting Colleges

May 16, 2017

We talked to 2 girls today, one is still teaching, and the other is at home helping her brother take care of their animals, and watching over his children. We were not able to get hold of the other girls; most of their phones were off. We will try again in the course of the week to reach them.

The past week we have been visiting colleges, checking out the fee structure, and the available courses for the girls. The girls who attained grade C can start with a Diploma course, then they can go on to complete their degree courses. The ones with grade D will start at Certificate level, move on to Diploma, and afterwards, get their degrees.

We have asked the girls to get their School Leaving Certificates and their Result Slips. We called Shiners School and asked them to get the documents ready. The girls have also applied for their National ID’s since most of them are now 18 years. With a National ID card, the girls can secure part time jobs which will allow them some income.

This week we will create a CV for each girl, so we can have those ready to submit when college opportunities arise.

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