Preparing for College Continues

June 5, 2017

We talked to all the girls this past weekend; they are home doing the usual chores. We sent each of them airtime, so they can call us whenever need arises. They told us that receiving a phone call from us on a regular basis helps lift their spirits and keeps them happy knowing someone cares.

One of the girls is volunteering at a local primary school as she waits to join college in August. The girls are very excited with the sponsorship they have received so far, and they look forward to joining college.

We have received all the documentation that we needed from Shiners School regarding the girls’ final results and Leaving Certificates and have filed them appropriately. We are this week scouting for schools where the girls can get teaching practice when they are not in college.

The girls pass their regards. They have promised to make the best out of the opportunity they are getting, those that are yet to get sponsorship also have faith that something will come through for them too, and they are not losing hope.

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