Girls Join College

August 14, 2017

Today the girls joined college! We cannot express our joy in words! This is a dream come true, and we are so very grateful to God. Two girls came from Pokot yesterday, and spent the night at our house, Two more arrived today.

It was a long and tedious all-day process of registration; the college is very strict on documentation and with there being so many students admitted today, it took us the whole day to register.

It was nice to see the girls again; it’s always nice to see them. We talked about the pregnancies that happened at length, again cautioning the others that they stand to lose a lot if they are not careful. One of the pregnant girls cried that she could not join college with the rest, but we agreed it’s a personal decision. They are all now above 18, and one needs to be sure what they want to do with their lives.

We made it clear at the outset that we are not going to bend over backwards for people who are reckless, We will watch the college girl’s performance and discipline keenly in the next two years; they cannot take anything or anyone for granted, absolutely not.

One of the girls was having a very hard time once she went home from Secondary School. She has lost so much weight. She does not say much and looks extremely sad. We are so glad she’s at college now- a change will be good for her.



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