School Fires – Arson Suspected

September 4, 2017

The girls are well, and they start teaching practice this week. They were waiting for schools to reopen and for the students to settle down.

Kenya is having a lot of challenges currently due to the nullified Presidential elections. There are a lot of hate messages going around, but we are keeping our spirits up. We were telling the girls today that we cannot afford to be caught up in the hatred that is being spread amongst communities. We are all Kenyan and our different tribes should not separate us. They were in fear that fighting would erupt again, but it has been peaceful. We pray it stays that way. We must go to the polls again, today. They announced that the repeat Presidential election will be held on the 17th of October.
On a sad note, there was a school fire in one of the schools, and 7 girls were burned beyond recognition. One more passed on today in the hospital; 14 are still admitted there in critical condition.

School fires have started again, and we pray the government can get to the bottom of this- another school burnt today, but fortunately there were no casualties.

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