Pokot Hot and Dry

October 9, 2017

Pokot is extremely hot; there has generally been no rain in most of Kenya for the last three weeks, and the effects are being felt in most places.

Boreholes have dried up and most people are buying water from water vendors which is an expensive exercise.

We were unable to get in touch with the girls. The girls’ phones are either spoilt or have been off for a while. Two of the girls have, however, been meeting with the other 2, and they say they are both okay and still teaching. They are complaining about the heat and dust but that is a common phenomenon in most of Kenya now; we are all praying for rain.

The girls are engaged in the teaching practice, and one of the girls was telling us they barely have time for anything else. They rest on Sunday after church because Saturday they do their general cleaning and sometimes, attend the teaching practice for half a day. They are helping prepare the standard 8 students who are sitting for their final primary examinations at the end of this month.

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