Pokot Drought Impacting School Attendance

October 16, 2017

It finally rained in Nairobi, but in Pokot it is still dry. People and animals are seriously suffering from the drought. They need relief supplies, and the government is putting rescue efforts in place.

The girls report that the number of students continue to drop from the schools they are teaching in due to the drought. Though the children get some food from the schools, they are forced by their parents to go hunting for wild animals, so they can get food for their family members. They also walk for kilometers in search of water and hence, miss school.


Kenya is currently sitting in a very delicate position. The political situation continues to get worse with daily demonstrations which have cost a lot of bloodshed and looting of property. The economy has been hard hit and most businesses are bound to close if things continue the way they’ve been going. We are supposed to have repeat elections on the 26th of this month though the opposition chief leader has pulled out of the elections. Tough times ahead.

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