Girl’s Parents Applauds Practice Teaching Program

October 30, 2017

We have kept in touch with the girls this whole week. Schools closed on the 25th and so everyone is home taking a break until January when they reopen. Thogoto College will resume the holiday classes on the 27th of November; the girls will report on the 26th so Monday morning will find them at school.

We talked to one of the girl’s mothers. We wanted a parent’s view point concerning what they think/feel about the teaching practice and whether or not they think the girls are benefiting from it. She says they are all happy! The girls have been fully engaged and don’t have time to hang around being idle. She agrees that the idleness is what contributed to the issues we had with the other girls. She says she speaks for everyone when she says she is happy with the girls’ development. She has been a primary school teacher, and so respects the profession and supports the program.

Rain has subsided, and though they don’t grow a lot of food in Pokot, they are happy that the dams are now full, and the wells have water. There is enough for the animals to drink and the people, too. Pokot has also received a lot of support from local NGO’s in the form of water tanks, and they have stored water to help them during the dry season.

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