Girls Helping Parents While Waiting for School Opening

November 6, 2017

We did a follow up on 3 of the girls this week. We were not able to reach 2 of the girls, but we talked to one of the girls who informed us that she had a baby two weeks ago. She is staying at her aunt’s home.

One of the girl’s brother told us he will ask her to get in touch with us. We have been trying to get in communication with her, so that she can come and join a polytechnic program and obtain some life skills, but she has not responded. We sense something is going on, and we have asked one of the girls to try and visit her, and then to report back.. She lives far from everyone else, but we will provide transport for one of the girls, so that she can go and check on her.

Three of the girls are home waiting for college to open. They are, meanwhile, helping their parents with the usual household chores.

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