Two Girls Join Forces to Encourage Other Girls

November 13, 2017

The rains are heavy in Kenya now with a lot of flooding in the coastal town of Mombasa. Pokot is getting moderate rain without flooding which is a good thing.

Two of the girls went around this past week visiting the rest of the girls which was the assignment we gave them for the week after seeking permission from their parents.

One of the girls is home with her mother who continues to make local brew. She has gotten into trouble several times with the local administration for this, and they have warned her to stop. This girl prefers to stay with her aunt, so she can get away from all the chaos. She is doing well, otherwise, and we called her to encourage her. She says her mother has had this habit for a long time, and she hopes one day she will stop.
Another girl is home with her parents. She is very okay and waiting for college to reopen. Her mother was grateful for the visit from the girls.

One girl is home waiting to deliver her baby. She is 4 months pregnant, and after a lot of fighting with her parents, they have finally come to terms with the pregnancy and have allowed her to have the baby while staying at home. She had previously moved to her grandmother’s house, but now she’s back home.

Another girl delivered a baby boy, and she is still at her aunt’s house so she can get the care she needs.

They were not able to see one of the girls, but they say there are rumors that she is pregnant, and she is too ashamed to face anyone. We called the brother, but he was not able to talk. He asked us to call him tomorrow, so he can give us an update on her.

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