School Resumes

November 27, 2017

School resumed yesterday and 3 of the girls arrived from Pokot late in the evening. They spent the night at our house and this morning we took them to school. One girl is unwell, she had been bitten by a snake on her leg way back when she was in Primary School and it tends to swell occasionally. It is currently swollen. She has sought treatment; once she recovers, she will let us know.

School runs up to the 22nd of December, and the girls will sit exams before they close. Emphasis was put on the girls to try hard to pass the exams, as it would cost a lot to re-sit the exams. The school imposes a high fee for resits to ensure that the students read and get serious with their spare time.

Concerning one of the girls, we managed to get details from the brother, she indeed got pregnant and two weeks ago she delivered a baby girl. She is at home with her brother. This means when she came to Nairobi in August she was expectant, but we did not notice since she was staying at my sister’s house. No wonder she was not able to come back to join the polytechnic program .  We will call her this week to encourage her. She can still join college once the baby is weaned.




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