Visiting Girls at School

December 13, 2017

We visited the girls at school today. It has been hard to get in contact with them. They have classes until 6:20 in the evening; afterwards, they go for dinner before getting ready for the next day. Yesterday was a public holiday here, but they had to attend class. They are, however, not complaining.
They all say they have learned a lot in the last two weeks, and they are being taught how to better manage the classes that they teach during the school sessions. It was nice to know that the college is planning to get them schools here in Nairobi where they can attend teaching practice. If f that happens, they will be able to be assessed by teachers from Thogoto College which is good for them because they will get proper guidance.



We took some stationery to them as well as a few supplies that they needed. We will take them some text books during the weekend as we received the book list today.



Books Purchased for the girls:

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