Schools to Close on December 22

December 18, 2017

We went looking for one of the girls yesterday, because we didn’t manage to see her last week. The girls are free to attend church service on Sundays. We found her at the shopping center in Kikuyu where she had gone to have her hair plaited after the service. Two other girls were at school, and we spoke to them on the phone.

This girl is a brilliant girl, very composed albeit shy. She handles her challenges well, and she does not let anything pull her down. Despite the challenges she has at home with her mother’s alcohol brewing, she manages her problems with a smile on her face. She is very determined to make it in life, and she makes us proud. We like to spend time with her, so we can encourage her; she opens up a lot when the other girls are not around. She doesn’t like discussing her problems in their presence. We talked for a while, we gave her the stationery and books that they needed, and then we left. Their schools close on the 22nd. We will go to see them off as we pick their bedding up for storage until they resume school in April next year.

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