Visit to Pokot

January 15, 2018

We are still planning to travel to Pokot this month and visit the girls teaching in their various schools to get a feel of how well they are doing. They have been very busy at school, and though it’s extremely hot and dusty now, they have kept at it and are getting productive guidance from their supervisors at Thogoto college.


One of our girls delivered a baby boy. She is well and already back home taking care of her baby. Though her parents were disappointed after she got pregnant, they have come to terms with it, and she told us her mother is taking care of her the best way possible and that she and the baby are well. She is still very interested in joining college in the future.


Shiners School called to request that we continue to offer the Choice Club for their students. We were encouraged to hear that the girls highly benefit from the lessons on life skills and every day challenges. I told them we would get back to them as soon as possible.


We are dedicated to taking care of our other girls the best way we can, and we are grateful for the support Valvisions is providing.  We pray they stay focused, so they will finish college.

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