Village Destroyed by Fire

January 29, 2018

We requested letters of recommendation for the four girls from Thogoto College. The letters will allow the girls to apply for teaching opportunities in the future in the local Primary Schools. The girls told us they were asked to have the letters ready to present to the Ministry of Education.  This will help them to be considered for jobs later as they progress as teachers. In addition, with the letters on file, the girls will be able to obtain immediate jobs teaching nursery school children.


We managed to talk to all the girls this week. They are busy at school preparing for mid-term exams which are coming up soon. We also spoke to two of the girl’s mothers and they are happy that the girls have something to keep them occupied and that every day they get better at their studies and skills. One of the mothers said she has noticed a sense of responsibility develop within her daughter and an eagerness to better herself in everything she does. She is delighted with the changes she is seeing.


Shiners School called us again, and we all agreed to start the Choice Club lessons in February. The Deputy Head Teacher told us the girls are very eager to start; they have already formatted the Club into their schedules as they wait for us to go teach the members.


Happening in my neighborhood.: A whole village burnt down last night. Over 6,000 were left homeless. They were living in makeshift homes that were all gutted due to the fire. We are helping the children who are sleeping on the ground by bringing food and trying to reunite them with their parents. 4 people perished in the inferno.


This child was being abused by a step-mother who was arrested. The child was taken to a children’s home. The state of children in Africa is very worrying. The father said no abuse was taking place against the child.

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