First Choice Club Meeting for 2018 Well Attended

February 19, 2018

We had our first meeting of the Choice Club on the 16th of this month. What a joy it was to get the opportunity to interact with teenagers again!  We had an introduction class filled with 46 girls who were very happy to be part of the Club!  The Club is very popular at the school because of the previous engagements we have had, and so most of the girls are thrilled to be part of the membership.


We gave them a brief synopsis about Valvisions Foundation and about the success of the programs we have had in Kenya and Uganda.

We will have a monthly meeting with the Choice Club members, and they will additionally, meet on their own every Wednesday after school. We agreed to meet them on Saturdays, so that we will have enough time to interact. The current group is very enthusiastic and from the questions they were asking, we can tell we are going to have very lively sessions.  We are looking forward to positive and enlightening interactions!


We are continuing to review the curriculum, as earlier reported.


The girls are all fine. The drought is still hitting all of us hard, but it seems like it will rain soon. We hope and pray for the rain.


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