Rains Have Arrived

March 5, 2018

The rains are finally here! It has been raining since Thursday last week, and it has continued to rain the whole weekend; there is joy all around!

Today we visited the other school where we intend to teach the Choice Club but there was a lot of activity because the students were reporting today, so we will go back on Wednesday after they have settled in to their classroom setting. We have a club meeting at Shiners Girls next week; they also resumed classroom activity today after the mid-term break.


Our girls resume their studies at Thogoto College during the school break in April; they will come to our area for three weeks. They are all fine and happy to get some reprieve from the heat and the dust.


We called the Priest in Meru, and he was very happy to hear that Valvisions is considering having a workshop with them later in the year. He said to pass his regards and gratitude for the same.

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