Girls School added to Choice Club Meetings

March 12, 2018

This is a view of the Ngong Hills located southwest near Nairobi City. The Ngong Hills are very popular with hikers who enjoy the splendid view from the top. Looking down on one side lies the city of Naroibi, and on the other side the Ngong Savannah Plains. On the top of the hills there is a wind power station that can be seen from far distances and  which is visible from airplanes descending to land at the nearby Wilson Airport. The site makes for a very beautiful view of the wind turbines while in the air!  Near the Ngong Hills is the town of Ngong, a cosmopolitan town but with big numbers from the Masai community.


The P.C.E.A Kimuka Girls’ School rests just behind the Ngong Hills with a lovely view of the hills and looks down upon beautiful scenery. What a nice way for the girls to wake up to in a lovely place with fresh, cool air!


Most of the girls in this school have been rescued from forced marriages and have escaped FGM.  Most are sponsored by well-wishers who assist, so the girls are able to continue with their education at the school.


Most of the girls in this school have suffered very sad stories about their past before being rescued and admitted into this school. Many of them are still trying to adjust to life at school. They face challenges like the culture shock of being in modern facilities away from the traditional homesteads (manyattas) and now living under certain rules and regulations. As a result, some of the girls tend to be defiant, ignorant and naive.


We were introduced to the school by a friend who runs a Rescue Centre called Garden of Hope. The Rescue home is near Ngong where several girls who have been rescued from early marriages and FGM are cared for and housed.  Some of the girls at the Rescue Center have already undergone FGM, but the Centre accommodates them to escape early marriages and help them acquire Secondary School education at Kimuka Girls’ School. When we visited the Rescue Centre, there were 13 young girls in-house-two (2) were pregnant and one (1) had just had a baby. All of the girls were under 18 years of age. One (1) of the pregnant girls had been raped by her stepfather, and infected with HIV in the process; she told her story in tears.  It was heart breaking to see her in that state.


P.C.E.A Kimuka School have many of the girls from the Masai community in attendance. These girls need a lot of support and encouragement as well as love and affection. They need someone who can speak into their lives and help them build their self-esteem. This why the Choice Club is a highly beneficial tool for these girls.


We met the Guidance and Counselling Teacher together with the School Principal. Each were delighted to hear about our Choice Club program; they can’t wait for us to start. They say their girls need all the support they can get from organizations like ours that are passionate about the character formation of the disadvantaged girl child.

We will meet the girls every Wednesday for an hour and a half, or so.

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