Girls Discuss Self Esteem

March 26, 2018

Girls face a lot of challenges in their quest for an education. Lack of tuition fees, bullying, peer pressure, drug and substance abuse, depression, emotional changes, FGM amongst others, are some of the challenges they face.

Divorce, single parents, poverty, violence and many other issues are all challenges a student brings to school every day. The teachers are trying their best to handle most of these challenges, and so they appreciate when they get help from outside individuals and groups who also help mentor the students.

We discussed these challenges with students at both the Kimuka Girls’ School and at Shiners Girls.









The responses were very similar; the girls are trying their best to stay in school despite these challenges, though some have unfortunately, been unable to continue.









Teenage pregnancies have become very common, abortions are on the rise, and even as we were having the lesson at Shiners, the School Matron had to rush to the hospital to visit a girl who had tried to procure an abortion the previous day. Thankfully, her life was spared. The matron told me that the school would send the girl away after she leaves the hospital. They do not want to give the rest of the girls the impression that it is okay to procure an abortion and continue with school.


We had another lesson at Kimuka Girls on positive and negative self-esteem as regards  the need for the girls to change their mindsets and have the right attitude towards life. We will have one more lesson with them before they close school on the 6th of April. The closing dates have been changed for all public schools.


Our girls are all well; we talked to them over the week-end. They are supervising end of term exams at their respective schools.

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