Girls Evaluated by Teacher’s College

April 23, 2018

Thogoto Teachers College will assess the girls from their teaching stations in Pokot when schools open in May. They have not indicated when they will visit the girls at school, but it will be in the course of the second term of school.


The teachers at the school where 2 of the girls volunteer for teaching practice sent their assessment of the girls to Thogoto College and stated that they are happy with their progress!  Another girl’s school also sent a positive review. It is important for the assessment to be done by Thogoto College because Thogoto will send the information to the Ministry of Education. Once the girl’s names are in the database, the girls can get posted to good schools to continue as trainee teachers, and they will receive a monthly allowance for their efforts!


We will take some supplies to the girls tomorrow. They were asked to get flash disks, so they can be given notes as wells as Question and Answer Sheets that they can use for revision while at home. Technology is a good thing, they can now access a cyber café at their local shopping center in Pokot where they can download and print their work. A few years ago that kind of facility did not exist.


Exams will be this week on the 27th and on the 28th the girls will go back home.


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