Girls Return to Pokot After Exams

April 30, 2018

The girls finished their exams and closed college on the 28th as scheduled. We visited them at school before they left, and we talked at length.  They needed some text books and flash disks which I took to them. They were given a lot of notes that will guide them as they carry out the teaching practice

Afterwards, they left for Pokot and sent us text messages to confirm that they had arrived safely. They will resume their teaching practice mid-week as schools will be open for the second term of the year.

As schools open, we will also resume the Choice Club meetings. This week will be busy as the students settle down to their studies. We should be able to start classes next week both at Shiners and Kimuka Girls. We plan to visit the other two schools that we are targeting for the club activities, the following week.

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