Kasarini Secondary School added Choice Club

May 14, 2018

We were approved at our third school to teach the Choice Club this past week!  The school is known as Kasarini Secondary School. It is located in a very upmarket estate called Runda. In most of the upmarket estates in Kenya, there are slums. These were homes to the casual workers who worked for the white settlers before independence. Though the homes for the workers were proper structures with good infrastructure, the homes became very run down after the settlers left. The large farms were bought by rich local individuals and the government, but no one thought about the welfare of the farm workers. They were left in their homes which became worn down and dilapidated over the years. With no maintenance and supervision, the workers brought their family members from the villages. The homes became over-populated, the infrastructure put in place could not hold up, and the place eventually became a slum. The children in this school are a product of the slum-dwellers. They live in sad and sordid conditions. If  they are fortunate, they get casual jobs in the posh homes nearby so to at least earn their daily bread.


The school, however, gets a lot of support from the neighboring community. Most of the students are sponsored for school and the tuition fees is highly subsidized by the government. Each child only pays 3,500 kshs per term, around $35 U.S. dollars. The students are also provided a meal at lunch time.

The school administration was very pleased to have Valvisions Foundation offer the Choice Club activities to their students.

We realize that as much as the needy require financial support to get by in life, most people don’t think about their psychosocial well-being. As much as the children will get support towards their education, they still get a lot of challenges in areas like culture, sexuality, religion, fears, safety etc. As much as we may not be able to handle all the challenges that these kids face and attempt to endure, we will help by just being there to show them that someone loves and cares for them. Hopefully, that will go a long way in putting a smile on their faces.



We had an introduction class on Friday the 11th which went very well. We will next be visiting them at school once a week.

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