Kanjeru Girls Secondary School

May 28, 2018

Kanjeru Girls’ Secondary School is a girls’ school with a population of between 300-350 girls. It is a government school. The school caters to the middle class in that community. The school relies heavily on the support of the parents and the government to make the school function. We were welcomed by the counselling and guidance Patron. Madam Precious is a very jolly and welcoming person, just like her name. The girls at the school truly love her, and they interact very freely with her. It was a joy meeting her and having her sit in with us during the Introduction class.
The girls who had gathered for the club meeting were very eager to meet us and hear what we had in store for them. By the end of the Introduction class, there was so much laughter one would have thought we had known each other for ages. There were other activities at school that day, so I met less than 30 girls; the number should increase to 40 by the first class this week. This is a school I look forward to presenting with the Choice Club Curriculum. They left a very good feeling in my heart- very happy group of girls, ready to learn and ask questions and Madam Precious was very supportive with getting the girls together.

We met the girls at Kimuka last week on May 23rd, and I was so happy to hear that the members have continued to show great change (positive attitudes were everywhere), as well as the motivation to work hard. The School Matron reached out to me saying she is very impressed by the change she is seeing. The Matron said the school authorities have a lot of challenges especially during the Night Preps because the girls run all over and make so much noise that the night studies don’t even make sense. She asked if she could sit in during the next class, so she could hear what I teach- that was the highlight of my day!

It is motivating to see a positive change with the girls; it shows that the program has a positive effect and that what we are doing is significant. We may not be able to reach all of the girls, but those that have the right attitude and make the right choices will definitely benefit.

As to our Pokot girls, I talked to them this week. They are well. One of the girls was excited because the Ministry of Education is hiring ECD (Early Childhood Development) teachers who have one-year experience and above. They want to apply, so they can be considered for next the intake in the Ministry even as they start their second year of school.


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