Social Problems/ Dating and Relationships

July 2, 2018

Students have settled down after the mid-term break and those that had exams have finished.  We have been keeping in touch with the various Club Patrons at the schools. This week on the 4th, we will be back to Kimuka again for a Choice Club meeting.

The Shiners School meeting will be on Friday the 6th. Kanjeru and Kasarini Schools are yet to communicate with me on the directive from the Ministry, but they are in touch, and they are hoping we will resume our Choice Club meetings at these schools. They say the students have been benefiting from the Choice Club, and they look forward to our return.

Social problems/ dating and relationships will be our topic of discussion at Shiners School. Young people are busy working out who they are and where they fit in the world. This search can be influenced by gender, peer group, cultural background and family expectations. When teenagers start thinking more about right and wrong, they start developing a stronger individual set of values and morals. Teenagers also learn that they are responsible for their own actions, decisions and consequences. They question most of the things that happen around them. It is, therefore, very crucial that we, as, adults, pass the right message on to the teenagers because our words and actions significantly shape their sense of ‘right and wrong’

Our Pokot girls are well. We have this evening spoken to them, and they say they are well at the various schools. There is moderate rainfall in Pokot, and they are enjoying the cooler weather.

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