Handling Relationships

July 10, 2018

This week we have received calls from 2 of our Valvisions Scholars requesting support to join college. Both of their babies are now old enough to be left home which is why they want to attend college. It is unfortunate for them because we had really hoped they would join along with the rest, but they got pregnant.  One of the Scholar’s admission fee, which we had already paid, is still in Thogoto College. We told them to apply for bursary funding from their county.

We attended a Choice Club meeting at Shiners School on the 6th of this month and had a good time with the members. What came across strongly from the girls is that they are having a difficult time handling relationships, both at home and at school. They are hungry for information, but they are not brave enough to ask their parents for guidance. They rely on their friends who are also misinformed, and the results are disastrous. They talked of their peers getting pregnant, carrying out abortions in back street clinics, and some dying in the process. One girl told us that her friend had gotten pregnant twice in the course of her Secondary Education and her mother took her to have an abortion both times. Parents are in a dilemma. They want the best for their children and when accidents happen like pregnancy, they do what they think is best for their daughters, so they can continue with their education.

The girls promised to be responsible in their dating circles; most of them are dating especially those in Form 3 and Form 4. We told them that they need to introduce their friends to their parents, those who hide their relationships do so because they are not sure of what they are doing, and so they need to evaluate their relationships and ask themselves if they are healthy or not.

This week we will have a meeting at Kimuka School, as we wait for Kasarini and Kanjeru Schools to respond to us about resuming the Choice Club meetings there. We were thinking that I should go back to Shiners School again towards the end of this month to cover another lesson.

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