Student Unrest

July 23, 2018

National schools countrywide close the first week of August. Thogoto College will, however, open on the 5th of August for the holiday tuition. I am in touch with the girls, and they are looking forward to closing school on the 2nd of August and resuming holiday classes in Thogoto on the 5th. They are required to bring with them copies of their certificates to enable them to register for the Kenya National Examination Council exams, as well as their teaching practice documents for preparation and approval for the next teaching practice session.

This week on the 27th, we will go back to Nakuru for a final Choice Club meeting for this term. We have a class in Kimuka this coming Wednesday. Kasarini School will consider our resuming the Choice Club classes when they open for 3rd term later in September. We will have a meeting with the whole school in Kimuka next week, a day before they close school. The school encourages talks with the girls before schools close, as mentioned, so they can be reminded to behave responsibly during the school holidays.

School unrest has unfortunately hit the schools, once again. A number of schools have been damaged by fire and one girl in another school was poisoned by fellow students because she reported an attempt by her fellow school mates to cause unrest at her school. She survived the poisoning, but the whole country is in an uproar asking for those responsible to be jailed. This sort of thing happens whenever the students are about to sit their exams; those that are not prepared cause confusion because they fear failing. The Ministry of Education has sent out stern warnings to all the schools. Any student implicated will face the law. Fortunately, none of the schools where we teach have been affected, and I pray it stays that way.

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