Teachers Service Commission

August 13, 2018

Classes are ongoing at Thogoto and our girls are busy learning. We talked to them each separately over the week. This term the girls will get registered with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). This organization was established under the Constitution of Kenya to manage Human Resource within the education sector. It is based in Nairobi with offices in all of the 47 counties. Once the girls receive a registration number, they will be recognized by the body and that is the number they will quote when applying for jobs. The registration number is verification that the girls have gone through the necessary training for whatever level of job they will be applying for, and they have been trained by a recognized teachers’ college. The TSC monitors teachers’ discipline, manages the payroll and offers loans to the teachers which are deducted monthly from their pay.

One of our students did not receive her leaving certificate from Shiners School. We got in touch with the school and they will mail it to us tomorrow, and we will deliver it to her. She will need this for registration.

We inquired about the other girls resuming college and was told they can join. One can re-join in December. we had already registered her, and she had attended classes, so she is already in their system.

We are making inquiries about the ‘women only village’ and we are hoping we can take the girls for a visit once they finish their classes, before they go back to Pokot.

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