Choice Club resumes in September

August 27, 2018

The girls closed school on the 25th, and they are all safely back home. They had an intense three weeks of study and are now getting ready to resume teaching practice in their various schools.

We decided to visit the women only village in September after the girls have settled into school. The school session this term is short because of the National Exams which will start end of October, so they need to get their timetables ready.

We resume Choice Club meetings next week starting with Kimuka School on the 5th and Shiners School on the 8th. Graduation ceremonies for both schools will be at the end of October before schools close. We will then prepare for the Meru program which will be carried out in the last week of November; we will agree on the dates with our host Father Bernard and communicate the same. The plan is to have a similar program like we had in 2015. We plan to have our girls join the program. Most of the girls will come from Meru, the Priest will host them at the school, and at the end of the week we will have a graduation ceremony as we release the girls. We have a meeting in Meru with Father Bernard to discuss the program in October.

My hope is that this third term of school will run smoothly, and the Ministry of Education can relax the rules so that we can have more schools join the Choice Club in 2019.

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