Public Knowledge as to FGM

September 3, 2018

We met a certain lady at the airport in October last year when we had gone to visit our son in college in USA.  We began talking, and she asked me what we do. I told her about Valvisions Foundation and the passion we have towards the eradication of FGM and education of the girl child. She was very sad to hear that FGM is still widely practiced in Africa, and the effect it has on the lives of young children, and women. She said she had read about it somewhere but never really met someone who has worked with such girls. We exchanged email addresses and we have been in touch every so often. Today she sent me an email and said she was telling her friend about me and they decided to make a donation towards our cause.

This Wednesday on the 5th I will have my first Choice Club meeting at Kimuka School, and I will then give a report on the club meeting. The school now has a new principal and I will meet them on Wednesday. I am praying for a good working relationship with the new principle like we had with the previous one.

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