Arriving at College

November 5, 2018

The girls resume college at Thogoto on the 25th of November. We talked to them today, and they are all home enjoying the holiday with their families. One of our girls got admission for the same teaching course at Moi Teachers College in Baringo. This is better for her because of her baby; it is near her home in Pokot, and she can go home on Sundays to see her baby who she intends to leave with her mother. Another girl will come to Thogoto with three others on the 25th. She had already started classes there, so she will just continue doing the same. We will get further details from the college in the course of the week regarding her re-admission, but they had earlier said there should not be a problem.

The primary school examinations have come to an end. It was sad to have over 10 girls give birth during the examinations. The majority of these girls sat their exams in the hospital, and that begs the question: “What is happening to our children?” These kids are only  between ages 10-15, still children themselves.

When they were interviewed, it was discovered that most of the young girls had been taken advantage of by their teachers and other close relatives; neighbors are also abusing these young girls. Poverty plays a big role; most of the girls are enticed with material things and food. The majority of them said they were too embarrassed to tell their parents what had happened because they feared the repercussions, until they started showing. It was disheartening to hear that out of 10 pregnant girls in the same class, all were below 15 years of age. The Choice Club is an important tool for these children. They need someone who can talk to them, someone who will give them information without sugar coating anything. Shiners School and Kimuka School really appreciate the help they are getting from the Choice Club, talking to the girls and not tiring from repeating the same message. It may save a girl or two and that’s well worth the effort.

The Kimuka Choice Club members expressed their appreciation and gave us a beautiful appreciation card and note.

We are meeting with Father Bernard in Meru on the 16th of this month to discuss the Holiday Program. We intend to hold the conference the first or second week of December.




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