Girls Excelled in Exams

November 22, 2018

Yesterday, we had a meeting in Meru with the personal assistant to Father Bernard and others regarding our upcoming event. We had already prepared the program and went through it with them. We all agreed the topics we planned for discussion were good and appropriate for the age group we are targeting for the youth seminar.

Our target is girls from the age of 12-17 years old. The church already started the registration of the students, and to date, we have registered at least 60 students coming from the neighboring homes. They agree the seminar could not have come at a better time, with the crisis that is being faced by the majority of schools as regards teenage pregnancies. The seminar will be very much appreciated. The church is hosting several boys, around 75 of them that have been circumcised this season, and so we will have a day program where the girls come and leave at the end of the day for their homes.

We discussed the budget, facilitators, and menu for the program. The church will graciously give us a hall to use. We will cater the meals there and display the materials we will be using. The school performed very well in the just ended standard 8 exams. The top two students were girls, and our plan is to have them come for the seminar where they will give the other girls tips on how to pass exams and encourage them to stay focused in school. 500 is the highest mark one can achieve on this exam; the first girl had 425 marks, and the second girl had 412 marks. They made the whole community proud, and we will congratulate them with a gift on the day they come to speak. They both come from very poor families, but that did not deter them from performing well in their exams. Their story will inspire the rest of the girls.

We agreed to hold the seminar from the 28th to 30th of November.

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