Reporting to College

November 2018

The girls reported back to college yesterday. They were all to report to school by 5 p.m. One of the girls came to Nairobi on Saturday; we dropped her back to school by 4 p.m. Two of the girls had not arrived by the time we left school, but they finally got to college. We shopped for supplies with one of the girls and left her to share it with the rest when they got to school. One of the girls is very happy that she is almost finishing college. It is a huge achievement for her, and she voices her elation a lot.  We had a long chat with her yesterday. She was telling me that no one expected the daughter of a local beer brewer to amount to anything. They expected her to join her mother’s trade, since they are taught how to brew at an early age, but she has put the critics to shame. She says her mother who has never seen the inside of a classroom was very much against girls getting an education. A girl was supposed to get cut, get a husband, and earn the family the very coveted camels, cows and sheep. But after seeing the positive change in Sandra after getting an education, she has totally changed her mind-set and now even asks when school is opening. Sandra laughs when she talks about her mother, talking of her prowess as a brewer. She takes her brew to the local drinking dens and all her alcohol is bought. The downside is that she drinks some of the brew and comes back home singing. Sandra laughs when she narrates the story. We look at her, and we all laugh. She loves her mother just the way she is but hopes that one day she will stop drinking.

We leave for Meru tomorrow as we prepare for the youth seminar that starts on the 28th to the 30th. We have put everything that is needed in place. We will meet the volunteers tomorrow, so we can brief them again on what is required of them. We are praying for a fruitful meeting.

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